Welcome to Summerland Farm...

We are a small organic diversified farming operation, integrating orchard, vegetable and berry crops with small livestock. We currently have chickens, ducks and goats and will soon add St Croix hair sheep. We are also planting various farm forest areas for future shade, food and bird and small animal habitat.


We also have two wonderful female Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Possum and Willow, who enjoy living on and running around the farm. Occasionally, we raise and sell their lab puppies. See Our Labs page.


We have purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats as well as a Nubian-Alpine mix Doe. While they are primarily for milk production, we also raise and sell their kids. See Our Goats page.

A Grateful Life...

We are grateful for every moment, every breath, every day that God has allowed us to live and be a part of His Glorious Creation. With the Clearwater River, beautiful mountains, trees and abundant wildlife, we are truly blessed to be living in God's Country and among God's people.

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