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Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Does

Left to Right- Honey, Rosebud and Sissy.


NAME: Tualatin Acres Honey Girl

SIRE: Camanna Ct Charlie

DAM: Camanna Si Pooh Bear

Reg. #: D1622767

Date of Birth: 06/01/2011

Tatoo: LE: B3 CT: 1C


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NAME: Tualatin Acres Lil' Sis

SIRE: Camanna TBR Red & Blue Paisano

DAM: Tualatin Acres Charlie Cupcake

Reg. #: D1622766

Date of Birth: 02/04/2012

Tatoo: RE: 1C LE: C4

HORNS: Polled

EYES: Blue


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Rosebud Is a Purebred Nigerian Dwarf, although not registered. Her breeder, Teri Lydel of Cottage Grove, Oregon, selects for milking rather than show qualities and papers. Consequently, Rosebud is a great milker. Easy and sweet.

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Buck


NAME: E-Farms DS Timber Slayer

SIRE: Calico Creek P Dragon Slayer

DAM: E-Farms M Sri Lanka

AGS Reg. #: D-71279

Date of Birth: 03/01/2014

Tatoo: RE: E3F LE: E5

EYES: Blue


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Alpine - Nubian Cross Doe


Blossom is a half Alpine and half Nubian, also bred by Teri Lydel for her milking qualities. Alpine goats are one of the top milk producers, giving at least a gallon a day. The Nubian breed leads the way for the dairy breeds in butterfat production: it produces on average, 4.6% or more butterfat content (surpassed only by the Nigerian Dwarf). Crossing the two produces a long producing, high quantity and rich milk dairy goat. Blossom is very friendly and mellow. Dehorned.

A Grateful Life...

We are grateful for every moment, every breath, every day that God has allowed us to live and be a part of His Glorious Creation. With the Clearwater River, beautiful mountains, trees and abundant wildlife, we are truly blessed to be living in God's Country and among God's people.

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