Meet Our Female AKC Registered Purebred Labrador Retrievers...

Miss Possum Rose

Date of Birth: MAR-27-2011

Breeder: Dave Ramsey (

AKC Reg. #: SR66948601

OFA Certified Hip Joint Confirmation: Good

Possum loves people. She is a loyal, obedient, stick by your side friend. She also loves to hunt voles with Willow on our 40 acre farm/ranch, but is quick to return when called.

Princess Willow Bee

Date of Birth: MAR-20-2011

Breeder: Dave Ramsey (

AKC Reg. #: SR66815304

OFA Certified Hip Joint Confirmation: Good

Willow, like all labs, is very affectionate. She is also curious, independent and likes other animals a lot. She and Possum love to hunt voles on our 40 acre farm/ranch.

A Grateful Life...

We are grateful for every moment, every breath, every day that God has allowed us to live and be a part of His Glorious Creation. With the Clearwater River, beautiful mountains, trees and abundant wildlife, we are truly blessed to be living in God's Country and among God's people.

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