When You Buy a Puppy...

You will get the following:


  • A Purebred Labrador Retriever puppy from an AKC registered litter
  • Bill of Sale with Healthy Puppy Guarantee*.
  • Puppy Folder with AKC New Puppy Handbook, Puppy Owner’s Checklist, information on Puppy Health, Basic Care, Vaccinations and various AKC programs.
  • Color AKC Pedigrees of both parent dogs.
  • AKC registration application-to be sent to AKC — to register your individual puppy.


What We Have Done For Your Puppy:


  • Vaccines**: Your puppy was given first shot at 8 weeks of age for Distemper (unless picked up early, then the shot will be given on day picked up or the single dose vaccine will be sent home with the buyer.)
  • Worming: Your puppy was wormed 3x for round worms and hookworms, using Pyrantel Pamoate (at approximate 4, 6 and 8 weeks). (Early pick-ups will require the buyer to administer the 3rd worming.) In addition, upon your first Vet visit, an individual fecal sample should be taken to ensure that there are no worms or other common parasites present.
  • Food: We use COSTCO’s Kirkland Super Premium Puppy Formula  to feed your Puppy and recommend that you continue to use this same product. If making a change, use proper transition protocol. IMPORTANT NOTE: Many "people foods" are toxic to dogs (list provided in new puppy folder). Some of the worst are grapes, raisins, onions and chocolate. Also, avoid sharing “junk food”, such as pastries, chips, white bread products and all sweets. Dogs are commonly suffering from human diseases such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis. There is a reason. Healthy living food treats  are good, such as raw nuts, zucchini, apple slices, etc. Raw bones from a butcher are a good source of meat, fat and bone marrow. But, hold the Pizza, burgers and fries.


*Healthy Puppy Guarantee:


To our knowledge, the puppy is in good health when it leaves our care and we guarantee that your new puppy has no serious health problems at that time.

For this guarantee to be enforceable, the following must be done:

-Prior to registering your Puppy with AKC and within 10 days of your purchase, take the puppy to a vet for a check-up (at your expense). If there is a physical problem or concern, written documentation from the vet will need to be obtained.

-A full refund will be granted or another puppy may be provided (if one is available) if the following items are returned:

1-The puppy.

2-Unsubmitted AKC application form.

3-Written documentation of the health concern from a vet.

We are not guaranteeing against common concerns found among puppies, such as worms or other common parasites. We are not guaranteeing against other major health concerns that may arise later in the dog's life.  Guarantee no longer in effect after vaccinations.


**Our Vaccine Policy:


  • We believe in a minimalist approach to vaccines for the purpose of maximizing health and minimizing harm to our puppies.
  • Puppies have natural immunity that they get from their moms. This immunity wears off at varying times for each disease, usually  at 8 to 16 weeks.
  • While maternal immunity still exists vaccines have no positive effect.
  • Giving a 5, 7 or 9-way combo vaccine increases the likelihood of adverse reactions.
  • Therefore, we give a single Distemper only vaccine at 8 weeks, the earliest maternal immunity can wear off for distemper.
  • We recommend waiting until 12 weeks to get the remaining two core vaccines, Parvo and Adenovirus.
  • There are laws regarding the rabies vaccine but, Dr. Becker recommends waiting 6 months before the first rabies shot.
  • In agreement with Drs.  Becker and Schultz, we do not recommend getting any of the optional vaccines.
  • Dr. Becker states; I recommend you check with your vet to ensure none of the non-core vaccines are being piggy-backed on core vaccines your pet receives. Most traditional vets do not carry single vaccines, so ask to see the vaccine vial before assuming your pet is only receiving one agent at a time.




  • Individual puppy owners will have to determine their own vaccine schedules.
  • Prior to making a decision as to how and when to vaccinate your puppy, it is highly recommended that you watch Dr. Becker interviewing Dr. Ronald Schultz, Professor and Chair, Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, here: Dr. Schultz Interview
  • Buyers unsure of what to do regarding vaccinations should discuss the options with their Vet.



A Grateful Life...

We are grateful for every moment, every breath, every day that God has allowed us to live and be a part of His Glorious Creation. With the Clearwater River, beautiful mountains, trees and abundant wildlife, we are truly blessed to be living in God's Country and among God's people.

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