Goat Stuff...

American Dairy Goat Association

Serving the Dairy Goat Industry since 1904 ~ ADGA

American Goat Society

Purebred Dairy Goat Registry ~ AGS

Dog Stuff...

American Kennel Club

All things dog ~ AKC

AKC Find-A-Puppy

Find a puppy near you ~ Find-A-Puppy

Organic Feed Sources...

North 40 Outfitters (formerly Big R)

1911 21st Lewiston


Organic Lay Pellets, Crumbles and Scratch:

40 pound bags @ $22.99 each

Primeland Co-op Country Store

1200 Snake River Ave Lewiston


Payback Organic Alfalfa Pellets (must be ordered in)

50 pound bags @ $19.25 each

Healthy Food Sources...

Azure Standard ~ Quality Bulk and Natural Foods

Delivers directly to customers & buying clubs.

A Grateful Life...

We are grateful for every moment, every breath, every day that God has allowed us to live and be a part of His Glorious Creation. With the Clearwater River, beautiful mountains, trees and abundant wildlife, we are truly blessed to be living in God's Country and among God's people.

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